Mac Musehub Struggle (newcomer, late to the party)

• Aug 3, 2023 - 23:57

My first attempt at using MuseScore products, and am not usually this slow at trying to determine what is going wrong. I had difficulty getting the download "Disk Image" to open for me to drag-and-drop into my Applications Folder (finally succeeded -- no visible error messages) and did all the password verification stuff successfully. Now, after a reboot and confirming new startup procedures were added, I start the "Muse Hub" application and... sadly nothing. No window appears, no menu at the top, just a PID that shows a 0.1% CPU stasis that I haven't seen budge one way or another.

I'm guessing this "Hub" isn't just a framework for another process? Or do I have that wrong as well?

Looking at the similar Windows support notes, I've tried the (Apple for "Right-Click) options on the executable, and no option for reinstalling, etc., appears to exist.

-- macOS Venture 13.5
-- MacBook Air: Apple M2 2022


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