Some notes by violin sound louder

• Aug 7, 2023 - 16:07

I may be wrong here, but these notes come out to me as being louder than others. Is this the normal way a violin plays?
Reported this issue on GitHub just now:


I cannot check the MS file as I'm not at the computer for the time being. However, being a violinist I wouldn't play the last note in each measure louder the way you have engraved the music. If the not would me "marked" with sfz, sf or >, I would.

Is there any way I could fix it? Of course, I could specify softer dynamics for the notes in question, but that would be kind of strange because I never really intended for those notes to sound differently in terms of dynamics from the notes around them in the first place.

I'm a violinist. I consider this another MuseSounds anomaly, as heard here in MuseScore 4.1.1 (Audio buffer at 4096) on MacOS 13.5, MacBook Air M2, 24GB RAM.

Nothing in the notation indicates that the last note of those measures should be played louder. And all notes have MIDI velocity 64.


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"Have you ever exported the sequence to a WAV audio file..."
– Yes. I just did. Please, check the zipped audiofile that I attached to the first message just now. I never compared the levels in Audacity, though, because the difference between levels of volume are rather obvious to me and I am not really good at Audacity.

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Thank you!
Yes indeed (your hearing and speakers are fine :-)). It's strange!

But not only the notes you marked are louder, I also see an unexpected significant difference between the three measures. The volume also seems to depend on the pitch.

A test with 3.6.2 also shows a small volume difference between the measures or the different pitches, which might be due to the different shape of the curves, i.e. the sound. But they are not as big as in your file.

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"I'm a violinist. I consider this..."

– Тhank you for this confirmation. Before your message I thought that the possibility of naturally added volume in the case of switching on a violin from playing several same-pitched notes to another one was rather high.

If this were a fence and someone thought it was too high at one side, someone else said it was OK and someone else said it was higher at the other side then the sensible thing to do would be to measure it.

Suggest export as an audio file. If the audio file sounds as though the last notes are too loud then analyse the audio file using an appropriate program.

This requires the same basic type of machine as the OP, same operating system, same MS version, Muse sounds etc. (which excludes me from the testing).

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This requires the same basic type of machine as the OP, same operating system, same MS version, Muse sounds etc. (which excludes me from the testing).

Perhaps the OP will export the "some-notes-by-violin-sound-louder" audio that (s)he hears, then we all can compare and/or analyze for ourselves, regardless of OS, Muse sounds, etc.

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In this case I think the naked ear is capable of analyzing that a problem exists.

Sound file attached (in ZIP format because the forum does not accept MP3s.) I trimmed the opening measures of rest and raised the overall amplitude.

No attempt was made to analyse audio after producing and with "same operating system, same MS version, Muse sounds ..."

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three_notes 110.06 KB

I compared the OP's wav file of Muse Sounds with a wav file I exported from MuseScore 4.1.1 using Muse Basic:
It definitely is the soudfont.
Have you tried using Violin 2? I've read here that Violin 2 is less "expressive".

I just tried it on MuseScore 4 on windows (idk if anything is different) and they all sound the same for me. Those notes do not sound louder for me

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