• Aug 12, 2023 - 02:57


The message that I had been tormented by in the past, a few months ago in the month of may. After a few months of a perfectly functioning main website, I see myself returning to reinstall Musescore4 to see if it fixes my problem (Loading audio samples freezes at around 30% upon opening a score). Instead however, I find myself once again looking at the infamous, notorious, ill-repute, atrocious message that I know oh much to well.

This also happens on the main software tab.

Please fix this, again.

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A bug not allowing you to download the latest version of Musescore. I also believe that it has an effect on musescore as well as musehub itself when downloading, although I am unsure. If you want more information, search up "Muse Hub not working", "Musescore/hub main downloading website down?" or just copy and paste the message.

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