Intermediate dynamics in MS4 or how to imitate them

• Aug 23, 2023 - 04:02

I know I asked this before, but MuseScore4 has been developing at threefold speed lately in the nightly builds and I might have missed some new features.

My question is about the possibility of creating your own intermediate dynamics, like what we were able to do in MuseScore3 (for example, when 'mf' was too loud and 'mp' was too soft, we were able to create 'mp-mf'), or, perhaps, some alternative means to finely adjust the volume for some specific notes on the score. Is this functionality already present in MuseScore4?

Thus far, I've been circumventing this problem by creating hidden staves housing supplementary identical instruments. Within these, I insert notes mirroring those in the primary staves wherever I aim to slightly elevate the volume—thus achieving a subtle adjustment without switching to an alternate dynamic marking. However, I'm not sure if this is the right way to go. Could this approach potentially introduce complications down the line? It looks like this way creates a little bit of extra reverb and makes the overall sound a little bit messy.


Seems to me that MuseSounds doesn't always obey dynamics anyway. Everyone seems to be waiting to be able to adjust velocity.

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