How to play back hidden staves without unhiding them?

• Aug 25, 2023 - 09:30

Is it possible to keep the playback for hidden staves?

I think I did it before in MS3 and even in MS4 for some time, but just recently I've discovered that I can't do it anymore. Or, perhaps, I missing something here.

I've been creating hidden staves housing supplementary identical instruments. Within these, I've been inserting notes mirroring those in the primary staves wherever I was aiming to slightly elevate the volume—thus achieving a subtle adjustment without switching to an alternate dynamic marking.

However, just recently I've discovered that the hidden staves are not played back anymore.

So, is it still possible somehow to play back hidden staves without unhiding them?


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Hide the staff, not the instrument
– Can you, please, give me a clue as to how I could do that?
I start by highlighting the instrument's name located to the left of the very first measure on the score. After clicking on it, I proceed to click the "Staff/Part Properties" button. However, at this point, I'm unsure about where to click within the newly opened window of the same name.

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