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• Aug 26, 2023 - 15:43

how to activate playback in Musescore 4


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  1. gaps works.
  2. I am trying to play back: I attempt to select the measure to start from, either it will not select a measure or puts a blue line from top to bottom. When i touch play back or space bar nothing happens.
  3. When attempting to copy a single line by selecting the measure it either selects every staff above and below or selects one staff and when I attempt to select the end measure it widens the selection to two or more staffs.

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After you Save a file do it again this time Save as. A dialog box opens save the file on a pen drive or portable HD. Next time you open MS if the file can't be found do this. Attach external drive to your computer. Next open MuseScore and select Open File. Find it on the external device and double click to open it.

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