Can't change stem direction

• Sep 25, 2023 - 19:54

In a 3/4 measure I'm trying to move three triplets from the 2nd voice to the 1st voice.

After some operations on the measure I have a series of triplets in the second voice which I move to the 1st voice using Tools->voices. When I try to change their stem directions the triplet 3 marker moves but the stems do not. See attached file.

1. original measure
2. remove dotted half note in 1st voice
3. Exchange voices to get triplet notes into 1st voice
4. delete 2nd voice rest
5. Measure 5 shows the result I get when trying to change the direction of triplet note stems. I tried selecting the whole measure then in the inspector I choose the notes button leaving all the notes in the measure selected. Now if I try to use stem direction chooser in the chord group I get the result in measure 5. If I choose the stem button it deselects all the notes. If I change the stem direction anyway it gives me the result in measure 5 but with only the first triplet changed.

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problem_demo.mscz 8.65 KB


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