Cannot add measures to score!

• Oct 2, 2023 - 02:04

I've been trying for 30 minutes to add measures to all staves in the score, but it only adds one 'compressed' stave as a 'no-play' portion of the score! This is true whether I'm adding in the middle of the score or at the end. The score just shows a single staff! I am working on a three-stave piece, (piano/vocal), and I reached the end of the measures before I was finished creating the score. Now, I'll have to create a whole new score with 160 measures, then copy and paste everything I've done so far, then (hopefully) delete the blank measures at the end of the ew score! This is a ridiculous solution! Otherwise, whenever I add say 40 measures to the end of the score, (Alt-Shift-B), it adds 40 measures on a single staff and condenses them into a single bar with the number '40' above it! The old product simply put 40 blank measures in all staves that looked like the original layout of the score with all the staves ready for note entry! This is quite terrible!

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The number 40 tells you, that there are 40 rests combined to a multi measure rest.
Simply press 'm' to switch to the single measure display and write your music ...

EDIT: You can also select this multi measure rest, press N and enter new notes. If you continue, this multi-bar rest will disappear from measure to measure.

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