I cannot figure out solo line formating.

• Oct 3, 2023 - 01:10

Hi, I'm in a choir using an ancient version of the music scanned so many times that it's unreadable. I transcribed it all and figured it out for the most part. But this damn solo line is killing me for formatting.

I'm just wanting to enter a temporary part. The solution I'm using right now is adding an instrument, putting in all the notes in the solo part, and then hiding all measures that are empty. This solution works I guess, but I'd prefer if the whole duration of the solo part there were rests instead of blank space. But I need to be able to fit more systems on a page and the solo line is invisible but the empty space where it's supposed to be is almost as bad for formatting.

I know the Musescore community, and I know I'm just missing something obvious and I'd love to have that pointed out to me. Thank you all! (I'm just starting with the formatting, go easy on me I'm a newbie)

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Hiding the empty measures of the solo:
Staff/Part properties - Hide when empty - Always.

Besides changing the staff space, there are other ways, for example, to decrease the size of the title block by slightly reducing the height of the frame or reducing its bottom gap. Reducing the top and bottom margins also creates a little more space. And also in Format / Style / Page you can reduce the staff distance.

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