Copy & Paste not working in 4.1.1, Win 10, Lenovo laptop UKX kb

• Oct 9, 2023 - 09:52

Sporadically, Ctrl+C/V do nothing. I have also seen this happening in live demos in a class, so it's not just my laptop. It's coming up in bug reports, eg

Sometimes, shortcuts fail but Edit menu options work. I wish there was some way I could reproduce this reliably but the random nature is frustrating.

Is there some debug mode which shows a trace of what happens when shortcuts or menu commands are pressed, so that I can see at what point it's failing? Has anyone found a reliable quick fix, eg save & restart?


In order for someone to investigate, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem Then we can understand and assist better.

There are no known reports of copy/paste not working currently*. The issue you point to seemed to be the result of a simple misunderstanding - something trying to copy a discontiguous selection of disparate notes, which has never been supported.

*Not on Windows, anyhow. There is a utility some people use on Linux that has a known bug that kills copy and paste on MuseScore and other applications.

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Well, it could be a utility that acts on keystrokes (like a macro facility) or on the clipboard (like a clipboard manager). But it seems kind of unlikely. Even though you are thinking it’s not a connected to a specific score, my guess it is somehow connected to your particular steps within MuseScore - like if you’ve disabled voice 1 in the selection filter, for instance. Or whatever it is you are trying to copy just isn’t copyable - like a discontiguous list of notes.

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