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• Oct 14, 2023 - 00:28

I have a score that alternates between Common Time and 12/8. I would like to set the tempo at the beginning and then have it switch from the quarter note = [my tempo] to dotted quarter note = [my tempo]. When I use the quarter = dotted quarter and/or the dotted quarter = quarter marking from the Tempo palette, it does not seem to change the tempo to match. I have to explicitly say quarter note = [my_tempo] and dotted quarter note = [my tempo]. This means that, if I want to change the overall tempo of the piece, I have to change each one separately. (In the piece in question, that's ~20 changes!)

Is there a way to do this automatically? So I can set one of them at the beginning and have it automatically make the bpm change as the pulse beat changes?


Okay this is weird! I deleted all the tempo markings and then tried again with the NOTE = note marking. It worked on the FIRST change, but had no effect on subsequent changes.

Eight changes, not 20. Not as bad as I had believed, but still not good.

[a little later] Okay, I've managed to make it work?

If I select all the tempo markings (Ctrl+A, right-click a tempo marking, select "Similar"), uncheck the "Follow Written Tempo", then re-check the "Follow Written Tempo", it apparently re-calculates the change. However, if I then change the first tempo (quarter note = [new_tempo]), it keeps the old tempos for all the NOTE = note markings until I repeat the uncheck/recheck step.

[Still later] Sometimes when I change the first tempo the quarter = dotted quarter and vice versa works, and sometimes it doesn't. I can't figure this out. However, when it doesn't work, unchecking and re-checking the "Follow Written Tempo" forces it to work every time I've tried it so far.

It may be that when I open it from the disk, the FIRST time I change the first tempo, the NOTE = note doesn't update. Once I uncheck/re-check, it does. NOT sure of this!!!

I've attached the file if you want to look at it.

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