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• Oct 19, 2023 - 18:49

In my score, two lines repeat, then with D.S. al Coda (play repeats is checked) the repeats do not play. Then after the next two lines that repeat, there is a D.S. al Fine (play repeats is checked) and the repeats do play. How I do get the D.S. al Coda to play the repeats? These are the same two lines that are repeated with the D.S. al Fine.

Thank you.

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Looking at your score...
You have a D.S. al Coda.
You have the Coda.symbol
You do not have the 'To Coda'.

If you wish the C (rehearsal mark) to follow B, you don't need a Coda at all, since C immediately follows B -- and is not jumped to at some distant part in the score.
[If C were, for example, on a different page with many measures between B and C that you want to jump over, you would use a 'To Coda' placed at the end of B. Then the intervening measures would be skipped when the Coda is jumped to.]

Here the Coda is eliminated, so see if this plays in the order you want:
Hora Medura2.mscz

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You are absolutely correct! Yes, I understand the operation of Coda. I neglected to pay attention that, though I was jumping back to A, the Coda was not required. Problem solved. I don't understand why the sections didn't repeat with the D.S. al Coda but when I added the to Coda, it worked fine! That was an academic pursuit only!

I did replace the D.S. al Coda with a D.S., removed the Coda and all is fine. Thank you so much for your observations and assistance.

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You wrote:
...when I added the to Coda, it worked fine! That was an academic pursuit only!

Yes, the D.S. al Coda is looking for a 'To Coda'.

If you view the Inspector (MuseScore3) when these kinds of repeats and jumps are selected, you will see terms like'Label', 'Marker type', 'Jump to', 'Play until'.
So, for example, 'D.S. al Coda' looks to 'Play until' 'coda', which is the 'Label' of 'To Coda'. That's why 'D.S. al Coda' and 'D.C. al Coda' work best when they have the complementary 'To Coda' in addition to the Coda sign (with 'Label' 'codab') where playback does 'continue at'. The software uses all this behind the scenes to produce orderly playback.

Okay now... and be warned... ;-)
Here's another academic-pursuit-only score:
Of course, no human musician would be expected to play such a score/roadmap, but it does show how cleverly MuseScore uses all this stuff - even voltas are included here:

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I like it! I have many scores with odd rhythms, strange repeats and unusual endings. It's taken me some time to navigate all the options and possibilities (you can attest to that with my coda issue) and I'm still not entirely comfortable. I have avoided MuseScore4 because it seemed to have problems with handling my lyrics and I understand there were some playback issues. Don't know if those items have been resolved; I suppose I'd rather get with the latest and greatest but I'm a bit reluctant. Maybe I should try a simple score to test it out again? It would be nice if one could copy scores from MS3 to MS4 but I guess that can't work.

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You can open MU3 scores in MU4. But once you do that, they will not directly open in MU3. Well you can by exporting as mxl. Or extract the mscx version from the mscz. not as hard as it sounds.

Best to copy your MU3 scores folder to somewhere else and use the copied folder to open MU3 in MU4.

And check to see if your computer meets the specs to run MU4.

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Ohhh, you made my day Jm6stringer :-) Crazy_Happy_Birthday is great fun! Thank you.

But back to the question on how avoid Musescore from skipping repeats when using D.C. and D.S. commands. Is it possible to make Musescore repeat all measures inside a repetition area when using D.C. and D.S. commands.

I have attached an example - inspired by Jm6stringer

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> The checkbox 'playback with repeat' must have a √
Yes, indeed!
And it's also common to edit the text D.C. or D.S. in this case and add "con rep.", which means "with repetitions". This is not important for MuseScore and has no effect there, but for a musician who is supposed to play it.

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