more systems per page

• Oct 21, 2023 - 20:56

Hi All. I'm trying to get this piece to have 2 systems per page. I've gone to Format > Style > Page and set all factors to minimum of 1.0 (distance between systems, brackets and braces), set Max system and Max staff to zero without success. I'm relatively new to formatting with these features so I could be using them incorrectly. Any help appreciated, even to just get this piece to 12 pages for printing a booklet form would be nice.

Thanks for your help.



Well, a paper format of A4 and a space setting of 1.219mm doesn't go together with printing a booklet, it'd be way to small to be readable, no matter what you do to page borders or staff and system distances

I don't think you can realistically shrink it much and still read it. Here I have made it landscape and reduced stretch and decided that there was no sensible way to cram more onto the first page but felt it looked better formatted differently so that it was more centred and the piano part flowed into the second page without a big positional jump.

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