'Repitch' note-input mode: Make the shortcut a toggle.

• Oct 28, 2023 - 06:28

There is a note-input mode, 'Repitch existing notes', with a shortcut SH-CMD-I.

Can we please make SH-CMD-I a toggle with reference to the Default mode?

Reason: Often I find that I might copy a fragment of one of more bars, and do a paste and then do a Repitch on the pasted notes. This can be quicker than using normal note-input when there are for example dotted notes, or a mixture of note values. After the repitch operation I will want to return to the default input mode.

Another consideration is that the relevant menu has a delay set on doing its drop-down. I find this a bit painful and to be avoided if possible.


I think this is a good idea, but it would be important to work out the details of exactly what this means. Repitch mode can be the active note input method whether you are actually in note input mode or not. In other words, the mode (note input or normal) and method (steptime or repitch) are separate concepts. My expectation would be, pressing the shortcut would change the method to steptime but leave you in the same mode you are already in. But I could imagine some people expecting that if you were in normal mode with the repitch method selection, the shortcut would simply put you in note input mode with steptime still selected (same as it does not), and only switch you to steptime method if you're already in note input mode.

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Good point Marc. I should redo my post with the correct terminology.

And I didn't realise that if you type a note pitch, this will trigger note-input mode even if note-input mode was off. Nice!

I would vote for the shortcut SH-CMD-I to toggle the method (as proposed) but leave the mode unaffected.

(And similarly with any other shortcut attached to the input-mode menu.)

NOTE. This means removing the current double-meaning of clicking on the 'input-method' icon. To clarify, using this menu in any way currently toggles the input-mode. I really don't see that that serves any purpose, and just serves to muddy the meaning of the icon and its menu.

This disambiguation would then flow on to any shortcut attached to the menu.

So, to clarify further, if you have already selected a note and are in input-mode, and then you can change the input method and you are ready to go, with the note still selected and still displaying input-mode.

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1 & 2 are intertwined and shiuld be discussed together.

3 is totally separate. I believe this was made harder to access accidentally because too many people were triggering insert mode accidentally and then wondering why there were extra beats in their measures. In my opinion, that's a decision that should be revisited.

This delay of the note-input button (to switch the mode) I find another horrible "improvement" of the new UI.
It used to be an extra little button - fast and straight forward.

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