Unable to to make my Roland FP4 speak to Musescore

• Nov 11, 2023 - 16:05

I have always been able to "play" the notes onto Musescore using my Roland FP4. I haven't done so for a while so have I forgotten something? My keyboard is attached before I start Musescore. It does not work in either MS4 or MS3. I am unaware of any fault in the instrument or the lead
Thank you.


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Sorry. No longer sorted. Every time I start a new score I am unable to play the notes on my keyboard. I have gone to preferences/midi mapping/assign midi mapping ot "note input: toggle note input mode". I am invited to play a note but all I get is "Waiting".
In preferences/IO, for midi input I press the arrow and my keyboard comes up but when I click on it, it disappears. Midi output does show my keyboard.
Any idea what I'm not doing, or doing wrong.
Apparently the link I was given before suggests that no one seems to know.
Thank you

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