Ride in Drumset - We need variations

• Nov 11, 2023 - 17:49

We can tap by our sticks on the bell of the ride cymbal or on the shaft (I'm not sure if it is called "shaft", but anyway the outer part cymbal, not including the bell). We can get 2 completely different sounds.
BUT, I cannot find any workaround to get this happen in MuseScore4.
I'm not a pro-drummer (in fact I've only played DrumMania for a few tens of hours), and I dunno how this difference should be clarified on the score (or perhaps that depends completely to the player?). Can anyone please tell me how to create strike-on-the-shaft ride sound on MuseScore? Or should the variation not be on the Score at all? Many thx.

Plus: a tiny complaint:
I saw that in most scores, the note of a open hihat should be the same note as a closed hihat but surrounded by a circle. I'm not sure whether the showing way in MuseScore is really proper, but I can find no way to use the format I'm famillar with.
And, it's so hard for the drumset to customize! I cannot even find the way to add a third crash to the Score! And why are two different toms sharing one noteplace(?)

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