Measurenumber placement not saved

• Nov 29, 2023 - 15:00

I have a score (origionally created in Musescore 3, then converted to Musescore 4) where I want to have measurenumbers centered below the core for each measure.
I created the measure numbers below the staf, choose show on each staff and then hide the measure numbers on all the staffs except the bottom one.
This works fine.
But then chnage the style to have the numbers shown lower (y position at 5.00p) and this works. But after saving, the next time I open the y position has been reset to 1.00p.
Also my custom chords file need to be reapplied (in the style it shows the custom chord file, but it doesn't use it until I select the default style and then re-apply the custom chord style again).
I think it is a bug, but maybe something went wrong with my score during the conversion from Musescore 3?
Score and custom chord style is attached.

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Swingin' Jingle Bells.mscz 411.01 KB
chords_jazz_stacked.xml 14.38 KB


The measure number position issue seems like a bug indeed. In tried Format / Style / Measure numbers, set position below to 5, saved, reload, and it's lost. Please report this on GitHub -

Custom chord symbol styles aren't really "supported" but should work in general. Can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem, and include the MU3 version of the score to start from?

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