Importing score from musescore 3 loses Oboe d'amore

• Dec 2, 2023 - 11:18

I'm opening a score in musescore 4 which was saved in musescore 3. It changes some of the instruments voicing. In particular the oboe d'amore has been changed to what sounds like piano. And I can't find the Oboe D'amore in the instruments list, even though I downloaded the woodwinds from musehub (or at least I think I did, not sure how to be sure.)

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So that sound like (pun inteded) a Muse Sounds issue then?
Lacking an Oboe d'Amore sound and falling back to the default of Grand Piano instead of falling back to MS Basic, like it does for Bariton Oboe

Might be worth getting reported on GitHub

MU4 has an oboe d'amore in the "All instruments" list, but the sound is oboe. Just change the sound from piano to oboe in the mixer. Should you have to do that? Yeah, add it to the list.

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