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• Dec 4, 2023 - 19:12

please, how to write red text to an empty measure of the staff. Thanks

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It's a bit laborious to do:
1. Create a Staff Text, fill it with spaces to extend it across the empty measure(s).
2. Turn off Autoplace for the Staff Text.
3. Edit the Staff Text and press Enter a few times to get the box height correct.
4. In the Properties panel for the Staff Text, click "More...) to reveal the Frame options.
5. In the Properties panel for the Staff Text's Frame options:
- choose the rectangular frame shape
- change the frame's Border colour to red
- increase the frame's Thickness property

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I'm sorry my mistake. It is about noting the marks for the accordion, precisely opening or closing the bellows. The marks are in the articulation, but it is not possible to add them to an empty bar in the position of, for example, the third beat. In the original image, those are the red marks above the empty bar.

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