Are the Horns 1&3 and Horns 2&4 played by both horns even with just one voice line?

• Dec 6, 2023 - 16:15

This may be a stupid question that's in the subject line, but as written out, if there is a single voice line in the Horns 1&3 and Horns 2&4 line, would both sets of horns play the same note, or just one?

Is this also the way it's implemented in the Musescore playback?



Notes are played by one horn. So for horns 1&3, if there is a line of two notes, you hear both played by one font. If there is a line with single notes, only one horn sounds. It's the way fonts work. The only way to get the sound multiple horns playing one note is to select Horns a6 in the mixer.

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So if I understand correctly:

if I want both horns to play the same single note, then I have to add a voice (Voice 2)and copy Voice 1 to Voice 2 as I've done in the first measure in the image.

I didn't see the Horns a6 option in the mixer. Did you mean while selecting instruments? I already have Horns 1&3 and Horns 2&4 selected. Can I somehow change these to Horns a6 in the same score with the same lines?

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Don't bother with a second voice. It won't playback as sounding like two horns. It will just sound like 1 horn, only louder.
I was assuming you are using MU4. If so than those choices are in Muse sounds. If you are using MU3, well that's different. Sorry, I haven't used it in several months. Don't even have it on this computer.

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Playback doesn't work that way. I have no idea how many horns a6 represents. The same sound that plays one voice also plays both voices. The sound is not divided between the two voices. As far as the font is concerned there is no 1st or 3rd player. Just notes that need to be sounded.

So if a6 is a recording of three horns ( more likely one horn modified to sound like 3) then three horns play one voice. When two voices are written, three horns play the 1st horn part and three horns play the 3rd horn part.

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