Clicking on a note doesn't make a sound

• Dec 7, 2023 - 20:25

I have stupidly forgotten which system flag toggles the playing (or not) of a note when clicking on it. I'm not talking about note input, just left-clicking on an existing note in a score. Please could someone remind me. There's nothing in the help text when I search on "click note".


Edit>Preferences>Note input. I can't imagine how that got turned off, though. There's a check box for playing during editing. There might be a short cut. You can search short cuts in preferences also

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That's always switched on. I've also switched on the "play chord while editing".
Just occasionally it works, (like one note every ten tries) with a really loud sound; I guess its my system :(
Note: this is not strictly speaking note input, it's just clicking on a note.
I've never encountered this problem before. I've reloaded the score. I'm using piano sound after giving up on choral sounds.
Normal playback works ok.

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Ali, I'm sorry you seem to be having one problem after another. I wish you'd stop :)

I forget what kind of system you are on. I will say this. The other day, for no reason I could think of, photo thumbnails no longer worked and they showed a generic icon. ??? I remembered that W11had just gotten one of several updates. I had to Google how to get my thumbnails back. I've never had a problem with updates before. You never know. I only mention it because in the past few weeks there have numerous posts about all of a sudden things don't work that worked before.

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My second computer is older. 8gb ram, SSD, i3 cpu. That i3 just doesn't have enough cores. For the most part, it runs MU4 OK. There is a little studder in playback after I stop it. But export is fine. I upgraded to 16gb ram to see if there was any change. Not much. So I learn a lot by trying things. And trying to help in what little way I can, people in the forums. Every now and then there is success.

The thing about MU4 seems to be that we need to match our system settings to the software. Anyone who is into gaming has to do that. MU3 is much less demanding. So it tends to just work.

To get my system above to work as well (?) as it does, I had to jump through many adjustment hoops. On my new much more powerful system, MU4 works with minimum changes.

Many have chosen to stay with MU3. Either because MU4 doesn't have features that were in MU3. Or MU4 just doesn't work on their computers. Personally, I have no use for MU3. It isn't even on my new computer. Though both are on my older computer. Along with the new 4.2 beta.

Good luck to you.

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