Crash causes audio loss

• Dec 8, 2023 - 22:07

MuseScore 4 is crashing when I'm editing notation or settings. This occurs when I'm using some vst instruments. It doesn't crash during playback. When I reopen the file, it is intact and I can continue to enter and edit data, but the audio has locked up. The mixer is either blank, or only shows some Musescore instruments. There is no playback. The playback cursor is stuck at the first bar.

Restarting the cpu, or even reinstalling Musescore doesn't fix the problem and the file seems to be permanently corrupted as far as audio playback is concerned.

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How good is your computer? I had this issue a lot on an old computer, but never had it since a new computer. It is a really resource-intensive app so this could be what is causing it sorry if this does not help at all.

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