Error converting pdf

• Dec 16, 2023 - 01:23

When i upload this pdf if fails to covert

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CCF12152023.pdf 2.03 MB


This is quite common. Some people have reported better results using Audiveris as a stand-alone program or with a purchased program.

It is often quicker to input the notes into MuseScore directly.

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The PDF file may contain too much data or an incorrect format.

I opened it in a PDF viewer and printed it out again as a PDF file using a PDF printer.
Then I split it into two halves using "PDF Split and Merge". These two files were converted online and in the local Audiveris installation. Of course, there are still a lot of errors ...

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I still use SharpEye as my preferred OMR software. The guy who wrote it is a genius, because in some respects SharpEye still outclasses much newer OMR software. SharpEye looks like a DOS programme and it has a clunky UI. But it gets the notes right... and a fair amount of the lyrics! One big drawback: it does not handle PDF files, only TIFF and BMP. I never got it to work with BMP images, but TIFF (black & white, 300 dpi) is fine.

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