Musescore 4.2 Problems

• Dec 21, 2023 - 01:48

Downloaded Musescore 4 and tried the following on it:


Three problems:
1. The crescendo line disappears as the blue playback line collides with it.
2. The trills do not play the entire duration, they're too short.
3. Trills with wavy lines do not display.

Thanks, guys! Keep up the good work.

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  1. Confirmed. Although I never use cresc. I always use hairpins. Which do not have this problem.
  2. Trills over a tie didn't work in 4.1 either.
  3. I added a wavy line trill to you score, deleted the ties and extended the trill line. Playback is correct. This was true in 4.1 also.

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  1. Odd. But the cresc still worked.

So what is more important? Playback or the look of the score? I'm not sure there is a Program out there that will play notation perfectly. MU3 doesn't. Nor does MU4.
You said trills with wavy lines don't display? They did for me.
If you remove the ties and extend the trill line over where the tie used to be, I can't think that a real player would be confused by this.

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Exactly. The three things you listed either have workarounds, or do work, just different from what you are used to.
I write for playback, also. As a result I do all kinds of things to a score to get the playback I want. That's why I asked the question. Over the many years I have used notation software for playback only, I have always done things that wouldn't work for real players.

For playback who cares if the cresc line disappears. Or the trill doesn't play over a tie, as long as extending the trill line makes the trill play the duration.

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I use what is called a "dead-blow" hammer. The head is heavy duty plastic filled with sand. If, for example, you hit a hard surface with a metal sledgehammer, the hammer will bounce. This deflects much of the striking force. Hit that surface with a dead-blow hammer and there is no bounce. The full force of the blow is transferred to the object that is struck. Effective and satisfying.

I've got a problem with playback speeds/metronome marks in MuseScore 4.2: all scores get played at double speed. A quarter note (crotchet) set to 80 BPM, for instance, actually plays at 160 BPM. This happens when playing my old scores (created with older MuseScore versions) and also when creating new scores in MuseScore 4.2. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks!

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