Note input - baffled

• Dec 22, 2023 - 15:23

Fairly new to editing a score. I am trying to replicate an officiial score on my local MuseScore. Latest version - MacOs.

I cannot even get close to what I see on the MuseScore site. If I try and add any tuplets, the score gets stuffed full with rests. MuseScore is proving to be quite a mess for me.

I have attached a screenshot - top is the MuseScore official score; the bottom is what MuseScore is producing on my machine.

Cheers all.


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The rests show because apparently somoehow you got into insert mode. Don't use that.

Create a score with the correct instruments (Voice plus Piano, might use the corresponding templete), initial key (A-Major) and time sig (4/4).
Select the first measure or rest in the treble clef staff of the piano
Press N
Press 5, Ctrl+3, 5, A, 4, E, 5, Ctrl+3, 5, A, 4, E, 5, Ctrl+3, 5, A, 4, C, 5, Ctrl+3, .....

Or if you are a mouser, you could do the measure this way.
Select the measure.
Click on the quarter note in the tool bar.
Click on the first quarter rest.
Hit CTRL+3.
Hit N and enter the quarter note (A) on the first 1/8 rest an 1/8 note (E) on the 3rd rest.
Since the other beats in this measure are the same notes, range select the first triplet just created and hit "R" 3 times.

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