"File “” is critically corrupted and cannot be processed" message!

• Dec 27, 2023 - 14:35

Please help! Last night I finished the score I need to turn in tomorrow. I had to make some corrections, so today I tried to open the MuseScore file but the message "File “” is critically corrupted and cannot be processed". I don't know what to do because if the MuseScore file doesn't open, I would have to start from scratch again, and I don't have enough time. Please, if anyone knows what to do in this case, I appreciate the help!!

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I didn't know where the limit of the denominator could be. But of course: the shortest note is 1/128! Then I also realized that you divided by 6.
And you asked the most important question: "How did you manage to get the score into that state"

Brings up 2 question:

  1. How íd you manage to get the score into that state

  2. Why doesn't Mu4 report this the same way as Mu3 does, Mu4 writes the error only to the log, Mu3 prints it

Here one of them, in German
MSCX Fehler in Zeile 0: Ungültige Taktlänge: 1728/768
as taken from MU4's log. Note the line number is wrong too, Mu3 reports
MSCX Fehler in Zeile 492: Ungültige Taktlänge: 1728/768
And directly in the error dialog...

Reported the latter in https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues/20728

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