Musescore 4 will not launch on Mac OS Sonoma (Macbook Pro M1)

• Dec 27, 2023 - 18:24

Since I upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma, Musescore won't launch anymore. It bounces three times in the dock, I get the splash screen for a split second and then it crashes.
(In fact, have been having issues with UVI Portal and iLok as well (no crash, just keep bouncing) ; all my other apps seem to run just fine, no issues with Cubase or Ableton either).

I've just tried with version 4.2, no luck...


I am also using MBP M1 and MacOS Sonoma. same problem occurred to me as described by Christof. Musescore 4.2 quit unexpectedly. tried installed musescore 3.6, works fine though.

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