Melisma's and note spacing

• Dec 30, 2023 - 21:39

Hi all,

I'm very much liking the new engraving of lyrics in the latest versions of Musescore.
I did just notice something that I think could be improved upon. I'm using 4.2.0.
See the attached pictures and musescore file.
The picture faith.png shows what I was working on when I noticed this, I was wondering why the words faith and won't, don't go under the slurred 8th note here, as i think that would look nicer. (Full score file included as well here).

I started to play around a bit, see what I found in the other file and picture. Everything there should be self-explanatory.
I used the standard style settings for 4.2.0, except I deleted the measure numbers.
What it boils down to is that having a melisma makes it so that the last note above the melisma seems to always move to be right as far as possible to not let the lyrics extend past it. I don't think this looks nice since it makes the note spacing inconsistent with the durations. I think that the lyrics should be centered around the midpoint of the 2 notes here as I did in example 7.

Curious if people agree with me here and to hear reasons they don't.
Note I'm very grateful for all the hard work the team puts into this peace of free software, just trying to contribute by noting what I think could make it even better.

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I have the same problem, and I completely agree with Polbeer91, including their attached good examples and well done discussion of solutions. (BTW, I had prepared an example, too, but since it didn't occur to me to just use “bbbbbbb”, came up with the word “screeched”. Even worse for music!😀)

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