"8" directly under the G clef symbol

• Jan 21, 2024 - 17:17

Hello Musescorers:

There is an "8" directly beneath the G clef symbol in my score.

Is it supposed to be there?

How can i I remove it, please?

I've attached my score for you to have a look.

Old(er by the day)

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HI Shoichi:

Thank you for your kind reply. That feature of the clef sign was not taught in my music theory class.

I wondered how that "8" got turned on.

How do I turn it off so that there is no "8" below the G-clef sign?


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Hi Soichi:

Thank you for thinking way ahead of me. The info you've provided will be very useful for me. I had not intended to put the "8" there. It was a sloppy mistake made by a novice: me.

That "8" got there by my simply having clumsey fingers, and not noticing for a few days that things were wrong.

I'm happy to be able to correct my inintended mistakes.

Thank for your suggestions, however: they made me think and I learned more than I had hoped!


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