Playback issue in 4.2.1 - some voices suddenly muted

• Jan 24, 2024 - 19:20

Sorry for the confusing subject .. I just updated to 4.2.1, and experienced a strange bug(?) which I think was not present in 4.2.0. The attached score was created in 4.2 and reopened in 4.2.1. To hear the strange behavior, start playback on minuet 2 and listen carefully to what happens on beat 2-3 in volta 1 in the violin 1,2, viola and cello voices - the half note does not sound, we only hear the contrabass. The same happens if those four voices are played one at a time. I tried to re-enter the notes, but the same happens.

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Same for me with 4.2.1, also. Could be anything, I removed the repeat. Re-entered notes. Changed instruments. Deleted elements. Nothing worked.
Then I started a new score and copied measures 1 - 8 into it one line at a time. That includes the measure that won't play properly. After copy, playback was fine. Then I added the repeat sign. Playback was still fine. Then I added measure 9 and the 1st and 2nd repeat signs. Playback still fine. I'm not sure I need to go farther. Like I say, I have no idea what caused it. It doesn't have to be something in measure 8.
Good luck.

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No idea. I tried changing notes in the 1st ending,. Removing articulations. Everything I could think of. I don't know if deleting everything up to the 2nd ending and C+P from the secondary score I created, will work. I didn't save anything. I don't know if a particular part was the problem, or not. I find when people have odd problems like this, that copying to a new score and back quite often helps.

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