Potential Muse Sound Bug

• Jan 26, 2024 - 23:44

Before I begin, there are some things that I must answer to get them out of the way:

My computer got corrupted out of nowhere a week or two ago. I didn't visit any suspicious websites. Everything has been replaced with up-to-date parts and components. I am operating on Windows 11. I am using Musecore 4 for this.

When I got my computer back, I installed Musecore 4, and redownloaded all of the instruments and Muse Sounds. This worked fine before my computer got corrupted, but after it got fixed, Musecore hasn't been the same since. Setting the sounds to Muse Sounds by default causes the software to either not load all the way or crashing my computer. Setting them all manually fixes this issue, but certain instruments don't work with this work around, specifically the "Trumpet," "Trumpets," and all of the strings. The "Trumpets" Muse Sound doesn't have any sound, while the "Trumpet" and string Muse Sounds simply cause the program to stop working. Is this a bug, or is something wrong on my end?


Your computer had to be rebuilt because of a corruption? I assume "everything" includes motherboard, ram, SSD? You might need to go through the sound system settings, in MU4 as well as you audio settings.

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