Something REALLY werid happened to me with the swing setting

• Jan 30, 2024 - 14:25

4.2.1, Windows 10 Home x64
Swing failed to apply to the last added staff (I didn't know Musescore was even capable of having separate swing grids for separate instruments!). Cutting-pasting the swing text fixed it, but when I undid twice to bring back the bug and save a copy to post here, the bug now applied to EVERY staff.

So, I started orchestrating a piece I had already slightly reworked and harmonised, meaning I already had soloist + piano. I added in the various instruments, inserted bars at the start to write an intro, and cut-pasted the Swing text to the new first measure. Then, as I began writing, I realised it would be best to have a second drumset staff to place my playback reference part, so that writing the cue part for the jazz drummer was easier without all those invisible elements. I did that, I wrote a few notes, hit play, and noticed that all the off-beats were severly out of sync with the other instruments. I cut-pasted the text again, because I'm used to that fixing a lot of problems in Musescore, and it worked. Then, I thought about the fact that it might be useful to make a post here and attach the score, so I undid that with ctrl+z and saved a copy. Now, however, the whole score is unswung, not just the second drumset staff.

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Good (or not so good news), this is a known issue. See:

When adding a new instrument, it does not apply the swing setting. Either you need to save and re-open or as you did re-apply the swing text. Oh and if you re-apply the swing text, don't forget to check the ratio (if you are not using the default 60%).

PS> Thanks for reporting though, as if things are not reported they will never get fixed.

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Sure....did not realize that, good point/suggestion.

If by grid you mean some instruments in swing and some my knowledge that is no problem at all.
Instead of using a "system text" you need to use a "staff text" which only applies to the staff it is added to.
You will need to set the text and swing option manually and change the formatting of the text as well.

And just to add to the mix, you don't have to use Staff or System Text, or type anything to add Swing. Select were you want it to start and select Swing from the Tempo palette. And in a show of consistency, if you add an instrument, MU4 won't apply Swing to it. You could cut + paste. Or delete the text and re-enter it from the palette, to apply to all instruments. I didn't say it is easier. Just different. Although easier for me since the less I have to type, the less spelling errors I make.

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The Swing text in the tempo palet is a "system text" and will therefore apply to all staffs. Which often is what you want, but not always. Hence I mentioned you need to use "staff text" if you want only some staffs to be in Swing and others to be Straight. Should have made that more clear in message.

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