Beaming in compound time

• Feb 6, 2024 - 01:50

How can the default beaming in 12 / 16 be set as in the attached pdf file?
It does not appear possible to enter dotted quavers in the beaming section of the time signature properties.

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It's perfectly possible. In Time signature properties, in section 1/8, click on the 4th eighth note/quaver, and in section 1/16, click on the 4th, 7th and 10th sixteenth notes/ semiquavers. You get - see image below.
12 16.jpg
Add this new Time signature to your palette, then to your score, and you'll automatically get the beaming you want, including dotted quavers.
Test file: time signature.mscz

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OK - I understand this and have been doing this all along. But........
- How can you set up this beaming pattern in the Time Signature Properties so that it gets done automatically when dotted quavers are entered? I think compound time signatures need a more flexible approach in the time signature properties.

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