Notes blocked in my country

• Feb 6, 2024 - 03:14

I wonder why are this notes blocked in my country. I never imagined I could find restrictions like this using a Musescore PRO account. You can take a look on the attached image so see it by yourself. Can anyoney from support help me, please?

Thank you.


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Blocked in your country? Why do you think so? It's a score by Joe Hisaishi, a contemporary composer (born in 1950), so it's still protected by copyright, internationally, that's all.
To download it from, you need to sign up for a Pro account, which means you have to pay. If you're tempted, take the time to think about it and read ALL the terms and conditions.
Besides, you're not in the right place here on to ask this kind of question (it has to be done on too). See:

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