Notes cutting opur for some instruments.

• Feb 8, 2024 - 09:39

I have mentioned this problem before, and I found a solution by deleting the offending bars, in this case 5 of them, where the notes cut out (inaudible). After these 5 bars everything is OK. Previously my solution was to delete these 5 bars, add in 5 blank bars and manually enter the notes, one by one for all the instruments (from a previously saved version). The problem occurs about 5 or 6 bars from the start of each verse (indicated as dark green headings, and visible in the Navigation bar. ). But I have been specifically dealing with bars 236 to 241 to try to sort the propblem out. Now it seem that my previous solution does not work - the notes for some of the instruments (Alto sax. Acoustic guitar -stave 4 , and the contra bass -stave 5) become inaudible for these 5 bars.

Now the funny thing is if I start playing from say bar 234 everything is fine - all instuments audible. But if I start playing from say 15 bars before bar, say from bar 221 or any farther back, the cut outs occur. I have tried rebooting , uninstalling MuseScore 3.6.2 and reinstalling, but to no avail.
See the attached score.

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I am using 3.6.2 and 3.7 and in both versions I start at bar 218 and it plays perfectly. I have also set all instruments individually to solo and have not noticed any dropouts. So it's not the file.

Maybe you should reset your Musescore to factory settings? But be aware: Shortcuts and other things that you have added or modified yourself will also be reset or disappear.

A new installation usually doesn't help because many settings are not reset. And one of them may be to blame.

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Thanks HildeK, but resetting all 'preferences to default' has no effect - the problem is still there. But setting all instruments individually to solo and they all pay perfectly. I also checked my Task Manager to see if my the CPU is overloaded (>100%) but it does not even get above 15%. The song does the same thing when I try to play it on either my laptop or desktop. I will continue to fiddle, but please let me know if anything comes to light.

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My second attempt, not using the solo button but setting all other faders down to about 50, with the exception of A.Sax, classical guitar (staff 4), classical guitar (staff 5) or double bass (not staff 5, but 11?), which I set individually to maximum, showed no difference and plays fine. They are all audible, as they should be ...
I started at bar 217.

Sorry, I have no further ideas as to what your problem might be. Should I make a recording (no mp3 export) to prove it?

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Hi Guys,

I am still having this problem with some notes not playing back - in this case the alto saxophones. It's not reproducable and sometime it is worse but mostly on bar 61 and 62 but sometimes on notes in earlier bars. The funny thing is that if I make the notes solo (select the green dots in F10 for the two saxes) then they play back perfectly - first attachment. However if I clear the green dots and reduce the volume of all the other instruments to almost inaudability, similar to what HildeK did, , then there are still notes in the sax that won't play back - 2nd attachment.

I wonder if it is then perhaps a problem with my computer - but I don't see how as the CPU (in Task Manager) does not go above 12 - 14 % and power draw is low. Besides the problem occurs on both my desk top and lap top. Or am I pushing MuseScore 'too hard' - but I don't think so either. Selecting a new sax staff and re-entering the notes manually (not copying and pasting from the troublesome sax scores ) does not solve the problem. The Saxes start at bar 51. ( I use two for extra volume). This is the 3rd reinstallation of Musescore 3.6.2. When I export to mp3, the problem is still there.

Hi Guys,

I am somewhere down this road to finding why the sax cuts out. After some 40 tests with two different scores where the alto sax cuts out, I have found that it is the Honky Tonk piano or a grand piano that is the problem. None of the other accompanying instruments do this. I have tried each one. If I simply delete the piano notes that are present when the sax cuts out then the sax plays fine. But the funny thing is that that are many places where I have both sax and piano together and the sax plays fine.

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