Playback drops piano after making an edit

• Feb 10, 2024 - 17:53

I have a piece with 2 instruments - acoustic guitar w/notes on a treble clef, and a grand staff piano part underneath. The piece has a guitar intro, then a repeating guitar/piano section with voltas 1. and 2., finishing with guitar solo.

If I load the piece fresh it plays everything perfectly, and I can replay it at will. If I make any edits to the piano part, it will playback OK to volta 1, but when it returns to the beginning of the repeat it then ceases to play the piano part. If I save, close, and re-open, it then plays correctly through everything.

I have not had this same issue if a score is just piano or vocals and piano. It would be interesting to see if anyone could try and duplicate this behavior.

I'm using MuseScore on Windows 10.


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Here you go. I can reproduce the behavior at will, following these steps:
1) Load score
2) Play it all the way through - plays perfectly
3) Go into the piano part and change just one note, e.g., change an F to an E or something (my test was about halfway thru the piece)
4) Rewind to beginning in playback controller
5) The piece will playback all the way until the 2nd Volta, and piano drops out.

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Annoying little bug. Nothing wrong with the score, but you need to close MuseScore, re-open, and playback works perfectly with the changes, until you edit again. Sometimes it plays with an edit, sometimes not.

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