Change scaling? musescore 4

• Feb 13, 2024 - 16:10

A few days ago I changed how large the staves were by altering a percentage but can't now find it. Anybody tell me? Thanks


Format>Page Settings>Stave Space is the way to adjust the size of everything in the score. But that is not expressed as a percentage. It is expressed as the distance between two stave lines.

You may be thinking of Format>Style>Sizes where you can adjust the size of "small staves" as a %age of the standard stave size. Such small staves are used in ossias or when you have a piano part accompanying a solo instrument and you want a small version of the soloists part above the piano part. The setting applies to a staff which has the "small stave" option selected in Stave/Part properties (accessed from the pop up menu when you right click in an empty part of the stave). It can also be (ab)used for other purposes and can even be used with %ages greater than 100% to provide larger than standard staves.

More information is available here

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The stave space setting determines the scaling for everything in the score - titles, staff and system text etc. They are all scaled in proportion to that dimension. The stave scaling in staff/part properties changes only the "musical" parts of the score and can be set differently for each stave. The small staff setting works similarly but uses the same size for each stave that has the small stave option selected. They each have their uses.

What are you trying to do?

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