One bar in my score

• Feb 15, 2024 - 15:08

I am trying to fix my problem with this score for How to Train Your Dragon that I found on MuseScore. One of the bars is not being formatted properly with the rest of the bars. I have tried multiple different ideas to fix this from older forums that were created. I am going to attach the file here. I am updated to the most recent version of the software also.


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I can only use a 3.x MuseScore version and everything looks fine there. And I still don't know what your exact problem is with measure 27. Maybe the problem doesn't even exist in MuS 3 and you have to wait if s.o. using MuS 4 can see the problem and can help.

In any case, your score has a lot of instruments that don't fit on your page format. But that has nothing to do with measure 27.

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