Importing from MusicXML fails to render "reverse final barline" at start of stave

• Feb 17, 2024 - 09:08

When importing a MusicXML file which has a "heavy-light" bar line at the start of a stave MuseScore doesn't render it. This seems inconsistent with a "heavy-light" bar line with a repeat element which is rendered correctly.

Example file attached.

Attachment Size
barlineissue.musicxml 27.19 KB


The one in measure 6? Not exactly at the start of a stave, but should indeed work, and is possible to fix in the imported score.
Or the one in measure 14? Still not at the start of a stave but rather_at the start of a system_, and doesn't seem to be fixable in the imported score

Best report this on GitHub,

Actually it probably is 2 issues, the one from measure 6 clearly is an issue with MusicXML import, the one from measure 14 additionally seems to be an issue with barlines at the start of a system in MuseScore

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