Creating Personal Templates in MuseScore 4

• Feb 18, 2024 - 00:21

Is there any way to save a template file in MuseScore 4? I know that were roundabout ways to do this with MuseScore 3


I would like to add:

  • one measure in the template file is enough
  • There don't have to be any notes in it
  • Time signature and key signature are also irrelevant
  • The title etc. is also unimportant, but you should adapt the font and size in the style properties to your own wishes if you want to deviate from the default settings.

The number of measures, the time signature and the key signature are queried when you create a new score using the template.

To be clear, that thread you reference is about MuseScore 1, not MuseScore 3. Roundabout methods were indeed needed ten years ago, but haven't been since then. MuseScore 2, 3, and 4 all support saving directly to your personal Templates folder (Documents/MuseScore4/Templates, right next to your personal Scores folder).

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