ties for grace notes

• Feb 21, 2024 - 11:17

I would like to create these measures in Musescore:

peter gunn two measures original.png

When I enter the notes I get this:

peter gunn two measures musescore.png

In the palette for grace notes, the display shows a tie, but I'm not seeing that in score.

In Piano Marvel, the software I'm using to play this, it interprets it this way:

peter gunn piano marvel.png

It seems to me the grace note and the regular note should be played together, but Piano Marvel doesn't seem to be interpreting it that way. I'm not sure how to tie the grace note and the regular note together.



Enter the normal notes and then the grace notes. After you enter each grace note, press S and then [Esc]. This will link the grace note to the main note with a slur and allow you to move the grace note up or down using the arrow keys, If the grace note is the same pitch as the main note (uncommon) then you would press T (for tie) instead of S (for slur).

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