In page view, the Page Up and Page Down keys scroll not only horizontally, but also vertically

• Feb 22, 2024 - 14:38

Almost a year ago Apr 24, 2023 I bring in this issue. I think Jojo-Schmitz ask me to post in on
The story begin with
I post it see link
discription: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Steps to reproduce

(I use a laptop (2 in 1) in portrait mode.)
Use page view
adjust the zoom level so that a whole page fills the screen.
press Home key
press Page down key
→ In MuseScore 3, the pages would scroll only horizontally
→ In MuseScore 4, the pages also scroll vertically. This makes it inconvenient to use MuseScore with a page turning device (for example a Bluetooth foot pedal) during performances.

Additional information:

The Home and End keys do produce expected behaviour.

Until today Nobody solved the problem.
Please set it on the to-do list.
Playing from the screen and use page up or down or on tablet swipe with my finger is a basic function for me.
It forces me to look for another Music notation software, but I want to stay by MuseScore
Please take action.
With regards
Hans Jazz


I am not quite sure what you mean but if I understand correctly: try checking the "Limit scroll area to page borders" checkbox under menu Edit -> Preferences -> Canvas.

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Do not understand what you mean but maybe the story below explain what I mean.

Dear all,

I have made a word file what show that the page up/down not show a complete page.
Find attached the score what is made with the last version of MuseScore

Maybe the software introduction of scrollbars introduced this page up-down behavior.
If it is possible, look also to the behavior when use a tablet and swipe to the next page
(not supported in this version of MuseScore)

With regards

Hans Jazz

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The Word file didn't help me understand any better but click the Edit menu, then Preferences. On the Preferences dialog that appears, click Canvas on the left and check the "Limit scroll area to page borders" checkbox. Also, as suggested by another user, try the "Vertical" option above "Limit scroll area to page borders" to see if works better for you. See attached image.

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Find your page with settings for Canvas
Apply the settings as you suggested.
Horizontal, the behavior is the same as in the file pictures to explain
Vertical it works but,
1- If more than 4 pages are in the score, not all the pages start with the top of the page
2- The page size is critical:
The horizontal page size must be just a bit smaller than the screen.
If the page is larger or smaller, only the first and last page displayed is OK

Maybe important, the resolution of display of the 2 in 1 laptop is 1920 x 1080
In portrait mode, the A4 paper height is smaller than the screen height.
Maybe this explains that horizontal the behavior is different from vertical.

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