Musescore 4: Menus need a mouse button release to drop down and select?

• Feb 26, 2024 - 17:23

Hi, I made a small observation I'd like to share how MuseScore 4 interface behaves differently to former versions. I's like to know if this is the same for everybody and if it can be or will be changed again?

I'm working with a mouse on a notebook, no tablet or touchsreen involved. When I click on a menu title, in most programs the menu drops down and shows the menu items. This was also the case in all versions of MuseScore 3 and before.

So, I can leave the left mouse button pressed down and move to the item I want and when I release the mouse button, the highlighted item gets activated.

E.g. click on "Add", leave the mouse button pressed, move to "Text", the submenu drops down, move to "Title" and when I release the mouse button, the Title element gets inserted into my current MuseScore document.

Im MuseScore 4, however, menus don't expand until I have released the mouse button. Then hovering the pointer preselects items and when I press down and release the mouse button agan, the selected menu function will be executed.

Is this change - or dare I say, deviation from common practice in Desktop applications - intentional? Is it a collateral side effect of using certain GUI libraries? Is it an issue in any way? Or am I just a stupid moron how cannot grasp the awesomability of the new and improved MuseScore 4?

Comments - That's the way it is.
The master branch of Mu4 has been that way for years, so one can presume intentionality, or maybe the main dev team is unwilling to conform to normalcy regarding this specific behavior, or maybe they have other priorities. Maybe they need someone to file an issue for them to become cognizant of it? You could attempt to contribute by making a Github issue in hopes of "shedding light". Who knows?

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