change instrument, wrong key

• Feb 27, 2024 - 19:29

Hi All. I'm doing a Big Band arrangement in version 3.6 where the Alto 1 starts out with clarinet. When I changed instrument to clarinet at the outset the key is correct, but when changing to Alto Sax the key is wrong. Is this the incorrect way to go back to Alto Sax? thanks

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There is a bug in 3.6.2 where the Change instrument text works correctly only if you add it from the Add>Text menu. It screws up the transposition if you add it from the text pallet.

The bug is fixed in the latest version (4.2.1.)

The transposition is correct , but the key not . MS "thinks" that the 1st instrument (clarinet) is an UT , a C instrument , so with 1 sharp , MS starts in G (in C) and , for the alto sax down 3 semi-tones , so E with 4 sharps.........delete the 4 sharps and enter a new key for the alto sax , with the same 'think" as Musescore : if you need for the alto sax, 2 sharps so in D, enter like for an UT instrument so 3 semi tones higher , so in F (1 flat) and you get the good key : 2 sharps

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