Where is Chatbot?? Email?? Need to contact MuseScore Support

• Mar 1, 2024 - 02:56

Hello! I'm sure MuseScore is a lovely website, I just didn't mean to subscribe to it. I got the seven day trial when I really wanted to download The Godfather trumpet sheet music, but then I completely forgot about it and haven't been on this site since. Until tonight when I was charged for the full year subscription.

I cancelled the subscription so it won't renew in a year, but I can't seem to find any way to contact an actual person who works for MuseScore to request and immediate canceling of this year with a refund. I've only had the year subscription for a few hours so I don't see why that couldn't be accommodated.

Anyway, when I look for where to contact support through the help section it seems the only way to do it is through this elusive chatbot. Where is the chatbot?? I've been looking through this site for 30min and for the life of me can't find it. Does anyway have an email for the human support team? Do you know where I can find the chatbot? How do I contact support?!

Thanks in advance for any help you might have. Again, I'm sure MuseScore is great, I just didn't mean to or want to subscribe for the whole year and wish to cancel that. Thanks!


Please ask your questions on musescore.com.

Here on musescore.org we only deal with the music notation program and cannot answer questions about your subscription.

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