Put the palette firmly on the left not floating around

• Mar 2, 2024 - 10:57

While using Musescore, the Palette suddenly started moving around the page. Sometimes it was on top of the music. I could slide the music over, but as soon as it got to the end of a line, it automatically slid back to the left under the Palette. How can I anchor the palette so that I can view both of those parts normally?


"the Palette suddenly started moving around the page"
What? 😱 Never seen this!
You mean the Palettes panel (at the left of the window by défault)?
If so, click on the three dots (at the top of the panel, in front of the name "Palettes") and click "Dock"

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March 2, 2024--I am attaching 3 pictures below where I have slid the pieces around. Both the music and the palette can move anywhere around the page. This drives me crazy! The palette should be firmly anchored on the left. The only way the music should move is if I go to the next page.

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There are no 3 dots before the word Palettes in the top left. There are 3 dots on the right of the Palettes box. When I click on those, I get the choices "Open only one palette at a time" "Close Palettes" or something about expanding palettes.

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Looking at your images again, I see that the top of the palettes panel appears to be inactive. I can't remember how this could happen.🙄 To fix the problem for sure: go to menu "Help" -> Revert to Factory Settings (I guess it will be a good thing because "the Palette suddenly started moving around the page" is really weird)

Warning: if you have custom palettes (?), and custom shortcuts (?), take the time to save the palette or palettes concerned (click on the three dots in front of each concerned palette-> Save palette), and export the shortcuts .xml file (Edit/Preferences/Shortcuts).
You can then reload your customized palettes and import the .xml file.

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