Issue with Local Time Signature

• Mar 7, 2024 - 02:14

So I'm trying to write a piece that has two different time signatures at the same time and adding in the local time signature worked just fine. However, I just can't delete the local time signature from a part. When I select it and try to delete, it just unhighlights and nothing happens. If I try to change the local time signature back to the original time signature of the piece, the next bar automatically applies the local time signature from before. How do I solve this?


Why would you remove the local time signature from the part? As obvious you have a reason to use/show it in the main score and the same reason should then be applied to the part. Maybe I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps attaching the score helps to assist.

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Which version are you using? I have just done some testing using MS 4.2.1 and it does not work like that for me.
What I did:
- 2 instrument both start in 4/4
- For 1 instrument change the time signature to 6/8 (using CTRL+drag-drop) onto bar 4
- For that same instrument change the time signature to 4/4 (using CTRL+drag-drop) onto bar 8
- Now click the 6/8 and hit delete

At this moment the time signature change in bar 8 remains in place but also is applied to the 2nd instrument.
Which I then clicked and deleted as well.

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