Microtonal accidentals behave incorrectly with transposing instruments

• Mar 12, 2024 - 22:48

It seems like the microtonal accidentals don't work correctly when used on a staff belonging to a transposing instrument. They behaves correctly as long as the concert pitch button is off, but if concert pitch is turned on there will be differences between what's written in the score, and what is played.

For example, create a score in F major with a transposing instrument, in this case a french horn. If in the horn part you write an F and an F half sharp, they will correcly play a quarter tone a part. However, if you turn the concert pitch option on, they will be displayed as Bb and B half shap, which is incorrect (the second note should be a B half flat).

Concert pitch off:

Concert pitch on:

Despite this, the note written as B half sharp still sounds a quarter tone higher than the Bb.

The same problem also happens in reverse, if you write a B half flat while concert pitch is active, it will be shown as an F half flat after concert pitch is disabled (instead of F half sharp), but will sound a quarter tone higher than the written F natural:

Concert pitch on:

Concert pitch off:

MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937
OS: Windows 10

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