MuseScore 4.2.1 'Staff/Part' dialogue not available

• Mar 20, 2024 - 11:48

Hi all

I'm looking to change the properties of a few staves in order to write out some rhythm exercises for my piano students. I've been instructed that right clicking an empty staff will bring up an option for 'staff/part properties', which would allow me to reduce barlines within one staff to just 1, instead of 5.

Currently, the only option I get greeted with is 'stave/part properties', which DOES let me change the barlines as I'd like, but applies that change to the entire score. I've included a screenshot of this, along with the relevant MuseScore handbook entry which tells me this is possible. I've tried going about it a few different ways with changing instruments, terminating parts of the score, and a few other things. But sadly no dice.

Is this feature possible? Everything I'm reading is telling me it should be.

Relevant MuseScore documentation:

Comments reduce barlines within one staff to just 1, instead of 5.

You can select the 4 barlines you don't wish to see and press V to make them invisible.
They will be colored gray, but in the Properties panel you can click 'Invisible' and those gray barlines will not display at all.

Alternatively, you can use menu item: Tools > Measures > Join selected measures to combine adjacent measures - which will eliminate the barlines completely.

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Steve you're a gem, this works as well as I could hope. I still don't know where the 'staff/part' dialogue has got to though. It would be very helpful to have it! Especially to selectively hide the bass clef rather than just 'making it invisible' which changes the formatting. Either way, problem solved, no idea where that Staff Change function has been hiding all my life...

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To see the staff/part properties menu you need to right click on an empty space in the stave. You should see this

If you click on a measure rest in an otherwise empty bar for example you will get this menu instead

Note that I am using a UK localisation. In the US localisation you will see "measure" instead of "bar".

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Don't worry, I'm also from the UK :)

I'm getting the same results as you are on that options menu. The problem here is the option coming up for us both is "Stave/Part properties..." not "Staff/Part properties..." with the difference being Stave/Part properties are applied throughout the entirety of the score, whereas it's implied in the documentation linked above ( that changes made within a "Staff/Part" dialogue are only applied to the selected staff/staves.

The documentation linked above outright says "The Staff / Part Properties dialog allows you to change display properties of one Staff and the properties of the Musescore Instrument it belongs to". If you can get the "Stave/Part properties..." option to ONLY change one Staff, I'd be very impressed. So far, I have been unable to locate this option when right clicking anything!

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Stave/staff another feature of US/UK localisation. My Pocket Oxford Dictionary says "staff (pl. ~s, &arch. & mus. staves)" Which I think means that here we say (or should say) one staff, two staffs unless we are archaic or talking about music in which case we say one staff, two staves. But in the US I think they say one stave, two staves.

I tend to use whichever of staff or stave comes to mind first. The documentation is supposed to be written in US English with UK English usage included in the glossary But there it says staff/staffs with another entry (stave/staves) marked "BE" for British English. The handbook is open source, so If it troubles you much you can edit the translation.

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Just to add staff in MuseScore means one staff starting at the first measure and ending at the end of the score/part. One staff is not the same as one system would be a number of measure that fit from left to right on a page.

Which contains a bit more detail around the names being used.

Using the Staff type change, you can change the "format" of the staff at any measure. For instance, add 1 in measure and set it that you don't want the barlines to appear (using the properties panel). Then add one in measure 5 and set it to display the barlines again.

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@SteveBlower... You wrote:
Another solution: Add a Staff Change from the Layout palette at the measure where you want to change to a single line stave.

Okay, so your solution is for 1 staff (or stave) line.

The OP wrote:
...allow me to reduce barlines within one staff to just 1,

My solution is for 1 barline.
There is a difference, yes?

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