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I think I'm going to love MuseScore4, but I'm really frustrated. So this "support" is really about helping me learn to help myself. I'm having no luck searching for help items to get started. Part of this might be my lack of vocabulary (is there a good "definitions" webpage?). I'll give three examples. I have a sheet with two staffs consisting of 24 measures. How do I
1. Remove the second staff in one operation (so far I've only found an operation that will remove the second staff--one measure at a time--real pain: "select one measure, right click, measure properties..., uncheck second visible).
2. How to change key from "Eb" to "D" of whole score such that the notes are transposed as well (so far I can change the "Key signatures" but the notes don't change).
3. WOW! The "Properties->Style Settings" buttons has SO MUCH info, I get lost (got any tutorials to explain each of the sections in it?). I know there are some things in there I need: i.e.; how to change the distance between all the staffs in a score. I think I've got it, but when I change value, score doesn't change.

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There is a manual found in the Support tab at the top of this page.

  1. If the two staves are different instruments. Hit "I" and select the one you don't want and hit the trash can.

  2. in the tools tab there is a transpose function.

  3. I believe the manual has info on the style settings.

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  1. "is there a good "definitions" webpage?" There is a glossary in the handbook
  2. The handbook is a good first place to look for assistance. Its search function is pretty poor, you can either use web search facility e,g. in google use followed by your search term or open the full table of contents here and use "Find in page" or similar in your browser.
  3. The forum is a good second place to look for assistance.
  4. If you are asking for help on the forum you will usually get quicker and better advice if you attach an example score (.mscz file) that exhibits the problem you are having.

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Steve, I'm getting there! If you can...
8. How to make “hyphens” thicker
9. How to make staff lines bolder, wider, etc.
10. How to make notes larger
11. How to change ending’s “Repeat & Jump” text: ie; from 1. to 1.-4. (as in verses)
12. Is there (& where) the beginning and ending of an Intro (one horz line connected to vertical on top of staff)
13. I know how to move last measure to next staff; how to move first measure on second line up to end of first staff?

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